Puck is attractive in terms of tourism; it is one of the most interesting seaside resorts on the coast. It is characterized by the maritime climate, clean water, clean, full of scent of iodine air, as well as a sandy beach with guarded swimming areas.

For several years, enthusiasts and fans of sails, windsurfing and other water sports have been provided with the possibilities to use the one of the best water reservoirs in the central-eastern Europe, which is undoubtedly the Bay of Puck. The European and World Championships held annually in various classes of sailing and windsurfing confirm this.

There are many places worth visiting:
- Puck Fara of St. Peter and Paul, the Gothic brick building with rich interior equipment, mainly from the Baroque time.
- The pier in Puck creates distinctive and unique landscape of the town. This is a very popular place for the inhabitants and the visitors of Puck to stroll around.
- The old market square with unique atmosphere and form.
- The yacht port – colourful and modern.