Janis Preiss and Steve Allen win the European Championships

With one race to go both Janis and Steve have secured top spots in the championships for Formula Windsurfing and Formula Windsurfing FOIL.
28 races so far this week for those sailing in both FWC and Foil and the competitors are exhausted. Steve Allen is taking a day off tomorrow, recovering from the racing. 

28 races this is the most that has ever, ever been in a competition before” – Steve said after today, continuing - “I’m fighting with my body, I’m finished. I was really focused on doing a good result today, because I don’t want to race tomorrow. I’m tired. I cannot win in Formula and I can’t drop from first in Foil. I’m just looking forward to resting.”

“Racing with the foil has been fun. It is a little less physical. Better for my body, going smooth over the waves. It is a little more tactical, with a few different things you can do during the race. Sometimes it is a little scary on the downwind, with the speed, but it’s exciting. The discipline is going to grow and for me I think it is something that can prolong my career, because it is gentle on my body. I’ve only been doing it for around 8 months and I still need to tune up some of the strong wind sails, but hopefully it can be good for my career. We’ll see how it goes, but for sure you will see me in Portimao for the Worlds.

Although Steve and Janis have secured their places it does not mean that there will not be any action tomorrow. The battle for third place is going to be fierce as just a couple of points separate the contenders there. 

Stay tuned for the final races scheduled at 11:00

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